I  am  glad  that  this  text  welcomes an exhibition that seems to have been “a long time coming”. Though unneeded for the artist, it is absolutely necessary for us since it reminds us that there are always artists who are the exception to the rule, artists who prefer hard work, in the obscurity of their workshop, to the glamorous receptions at exhibition openings.

“Art is the metaphysics of craft.”  Maritsa Travlos’s work walks
the tightrope with carefree gracefulness between the two poles of
art and craft, poles that seem related, yet most times are dizzy -
ingly discrete.

Ceramic art, with its age-old roots and longstanding tradition, continues  to  pose  a  challenge  to  creators  who  wish  to  go  beyond conventional boundaries and articulate a new form of aesthetic expression  with  vitality  and  verve.