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I have been painting since I was twenty years old. Later, around the early 1990s, for the first time I started experimenting  with  clay,  which  I  perceived  as  a  color  medium,  an  extension of my painting so to speak. Since then, art has remained my conscious and precious choice of occupation.

After many years of studying painting and ceramics, and my continuous visits to the many great museums of Europe and America, I set up my own studio in the town of Aphidnes on the outskirts of Athens; it was my getaway where I could get on with my art. For years now I have been working there with high-fired porcelain. My themes are directly gleaned from nature and its unsurpassable grandeur.
My father was the one who taught me the essential truths of life and  art.  He  was a great man, who, unexpectedly, brought home a piano one day when I was six, initiating me into the world of music. After all, he loved the arts. He is the one who brought me my first paints and urged me to sketch and paint whatever I could. As a mechanical engineer that he was, he was considered unbeatable at solving difficult mechanical problems. He was also passionate about his family, but so very stern with his criticism. Every time I showed him something I had made, he would say, “Yes, but here you have to fix this…”
I was born in the Athens suburb of Μoschato, near the seasidewith its endless sandy beach, where you could find the Aktaion in the Neo Faliro suburb, the Tzitzifies area where Vasilis Tsitsanis and Yannis Papaioannou, Marika Ninou and Sotiria Bellou played rembetika music so long ago. All these images define my work and when my hand goes to do something, it inevitably reaches in that direction. For thirty some years, my work has been my memories of and fondness for this world. Ceramics, after all, carries memories and it this truth that I hold sacred in my life.
I would like to warmly thank all those who have stood by my side and urged me to exhibit my work: the Benaki Museum and its Board of Trustees, Angelos Delivorias, George Manginis, Irene Geroulanou,  Polina  Kosmadaki,  Dimitris  Arvanitakis,  Nicoletta Menti, Marina Lambraki-Plaka, Nikos Navrides, Takis Mavrotas, Katerina  Apostolidou,  Fotis  Lykos,  Kostas  Papadimitriou,  Thymios Presvytis, Thodoris Anagnostopoulos, Maria Vayiopoulou, Vasilis Tsonis, and the angels in my life, Melina and Marianna.
I dedicate this exhibition to the memory of my late husband Nikos, who supported my every endeavor throughout our lives so that I could mold my dreams and desires with clay.
Maritsa Travlos
Translated from Greek by Thalia Bisticas

(Article from Exhibition in Benaki Museum book)